Crypto Oasis Hosts 3 pivotal Web3-related Sessions at the Inaugural Dubai Metave… – Press Release

– The first two sessions by the Crypto Oasis focused on the Digital Economy and Venture Capital in the Metaverse.
– The third session was a thought leadership talk about the Crypto Oasis supporting Web3 technologies and entrepreneurs in the Middle East.
– The Crypto Oasis participated in the metaverse assembly among over 300 global experts, policymakers, thought leaders, and decision-makers from more than 40 organisations.

DUBAI, Sept 30, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – The inaugural Dubai Metaverse Assembly first announced by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai and organised by the Dubai Future Foundation, took place on September 28 and 29. The Crypto Oasis, the fastest growing blockchain and Web3 ecosystem in the world, hosted the three sessions at the event that brought together regional and international experts in Dubai to shape the future of the metaverse.

The first session featured Meta Decrypt discussing “Design Thinking – Digital Economy in the Metaverse”. This was an enriching and engaging talk about creating a more participatory economy and also discussed a broad range of metaverse use cases from strategy through execution. It is expected that a fully realised metaverse won’t just be a part of the digital economy, but its own quasi-independent economy that may end up reweaving the fabric of the digital world.

The second session was a panel discussion on Venture Capital in the Metaverse. The participants included:

– Valerie Hawley – True Global Ventures
– Jawad Ashraf – Virtua
– Domenik Maier _ iBLOXX
– Saqr Ereiqat – Crypto Oasis

The metaverse is a venture capitalist’s dream. The metaverse represents a real opportunity for cutting-edge innovation and significant startup returns. VCs around the world acknowledge that it has the potential to be a multi-trillion dollar market. With advances made in bandwidth, chips, software, and new (hardware) platforms, metaverse adoption is expected to rise, which is why there is an abundance of capital in this…