Crypto1Capital Launches Crypto Trading Platform Despite Bear Market – Benzinga – Press Release

LONDON, May 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — An online trading platform with the facility of offering leverage has become part of the online trading system under the name Crypto1Capital. The platform focuses on online trading with the intention of serving investors and traders from all parts of the world. There is yet another valuable inclusion in the online trade industry where the traders and investors can gain access to worldwide trading markets while using the Crypto1Capital web trading system.

It has been suggested that the newly built online trading platform will have trading features which will meet the requirements of modern traders. At least the timing of launching the platform is ripe because millions of traders are joining the online trading ecosystem on daily basis.

At the official launch, the platform’s CEO, Liam Rhodes, said that “We want to let know our potential clients that we are no different than them. Our objective of launching the platform was to make sure that we give you a platform which is comprehensive and cost effective. Particularly our focus was providing our valuable clients the offer of leverage so that they can enjoy the fruits of online trading more effectively.

It is expected that the new crypto trading platform will initially be covering six types of trading markets comprising of several hundreds of tradable assets. For instance, the platform can be used initially for trading in currency and crypto forex trading, stocks, futures, commodities and indices.

In online trading, leverage is considered a very crucial and game-changing feature. While utilizing this feature, a trader can simply amplify his or her profit making because leverage means contribution of funds by the broker service provider. Resultantly, the offer will enable a trader to access and invest in trades which are highly valued and have the potential of returning significant profits. The developers of Crypto1Capital have clarified that the offer of leverage will be…