CUC presents pure gasoline plan behind closed doorways

Cayman Compass


The Caribbean Utilities Company gave the Central Planning Authority a private presentation Wednesday of its plans to introduce natural gas as an alternative energy source to Cayman.

The CUC presentation was listed on the authority’s agenda, so the media and local environmentalists showed up to hear it, expecting the meeting to be held in public. But the presentation was carried out over Zoom in the CPA’s meeting room at the Government Administration Building, and no media or members of the public were allowed to attend.

Ron Sanderson, deputy director of planning, said CUC was making a presentation, rather than an application, and therefore it was being held in private.

The agenda had listed the presentation as: “Representatives from CUC will provide a brief presentation on their consideration of natural gas as a transitional fuel in the Cayman Islands energy program that would result in a cost of fuel that is lower and less volatile than diesel with a significant reduction in…