CUC to audit properties concerned in CHEER undertaking : Cayman Information Service

CUC to audit homes involved in CHEER project : Cayman News Service

(CNS): The homes that have been and will be selected by the Cayman Islands Government to take part in the CHEER project will be audited by CUC. The audits will establish what needs to be done to help them save money on bills and to sustain that going forward. The home retrofit programme is funded by the Ministry of Climate Resiliency and being delivered by Resilience Cayman, a local non-profit, for lower-income families living in small homes with elderly residents, children or those with health problems.

CUC has now said it will offer 28 home energy monitors and conduct energy audits for selected homes to identify the improvements and provide individualized insight into the homeowners’ energy usage and customised recommendations for the upgrades. It will also equip eligible homes with state-of-the-art electronic monitors to help them track energy consumption.

These audits will soon be available as a service from CUC that all homeowners will be able to use to help…