Cullers take away greater than 300 lionfish from reefs

Cullers remove more than 300 lionfish from reefs

Seven teams took part in the latest lionfish culling tournament, hosted by CULL. – Photos: Katie O’Neill

The 33rd lionfish culling tournament, held over the weekend, saw divers armed with spears removing 311 lionfish from local reefs.

Despite challenging sea conditions and rough weather, seven teams took to the coral reefs to hunt the invasive species in the Cayman United Lionfish League (CULL) tournament.

After the teams returned to land with their catches, the fish were weighed and measured at Macabuca in West Bay, where the cullers were then treated to some of the fruits of their labour, with freshly prepared lionfish dishes, such as ceviche and chowder, served.

Prizes were given for the smallest and biggest specimens, for the most lionfish caught per culler, and for the most total weight of lionfish per culler.

The first, second and third prize for smallest lionfish went to the same team – Green Water – whose members caught lionfish measuring 44mm, 55mm and 62mm, respectively.