D3eSports Announces REV3AL Partnership for Virtual-to-Real E-Racing Programs – S… – Press Release

Houston, TX, Nov 30, 2022 – (JCN Newswire) – D3eSports, a division of StemGen Inc., SGNI, today announced REV3AL, a leading cybersecurity company in the Web3 space, as a new partner in D3eSports’s virtual-to-real e-racing programs.

The partnership and esports program align with REV3AL’s core values of safety and performance, and both companies believe strongly in a shared vision of providing meaningful community engagement that incorporates education and sustainable development and collaboration among like-minded people and companies.

‘We are happy to have REV3AL join our virtual-to-real program with StemGen’s D3eSports,” said Simon Dawson, President/CEO of StemGen, Inc. “It is important for us to continue to grow with like-minded companies who are transforming their industries as we all strive for a more sustainable future. Our strategic partnerships embrace our technology-driven plan of the automotive future, along with providing safety, security, and value to our partners and fan communities in both digital and real environments.”

“As Simon says about motorsports safety, ‘the faster you want to go (in racing), the further up the road you have to look’, and the same is true in security and technology,” said Adam Russell, Co-Founder and CRO of REV3AL. “There is an intersection where innovation, preparedness, and expectation meet, and we’re excited to be working towards a shared vision with D3eSports.”

REV3AL will also be participating in STEM-centered education programs to provide Cybersecurity educational guides and content.


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