Detox of South Florida Now Offering Scholarship Program

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Detox of South Florida is proud to be giving back to the future of America.

College is truly the first time that students are on their own. With that new found freedom, comes increased stress to perform in the classroom. As well as peer pressure to fit in with their new friends. Many students are often encountering drugs and alcohol for the first time. If a student begins to experiment with drugs or alcohol at a young age, it can have permanent side affects later in life. Addiction is so prevalent in fact, that reportedly 70% of employers have had to deal with employees that have an addiction of some sort. So what starts off as fun in school can quickly turn into an addiction.

To help combat the rise of addiction, Detox of South Florida recently launched their scholarship program which will offer 1 student a scholarship program of $1,500. The winner will be picked on March 31, 2018. In an effort to give back to students and to bring awareness to the epidemic which is alcohol and drug addiction, Detox of South Florida CEO, Dr. Vik Tarugu generously instated this scholarship program. Click here to learn more.

Dr. Tarugu had this to say about the scholarship, “We are firmly committed to helping bring awarness to the epidemic of alcohol and drug addiction to the next generation. As students prepare for college, they need to be aware of the dangers of consuming street drugs, prescription drugs as well as consuming alcohol. We are hoping that applicants, while doing research and submitting an application for our scholarship, will see the dangers of addiction, and make a commitment to refrain from consuming drugs, and waiting til they are of a legal drinking age to consume alcohol.”

The pressures to perform in the classroom can lead some students to becoming reliant on prescription drugs like Adderall, which they often obtain illegally from a friend or a drug dealer. Prescription drug abuse is among the fastest growing in the addiction categories.

South Florida in particular is being hit very hard with addiction. Click here to see how Florida’s population has grown tremendously. Along with that increased population size has come with it an increased demand for drugs. From prescription drugs, like fentanyl to street drugs like heroin and cocaine, South Florida has a fast growing need for awareness and prevention in the addiction prevention and treatment services

Detox of South Florida is looking forward to bringing increased awareness of how consuming chemicals can alter your lifestyle negatively now, but far into the future as well. If you are


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