Detroit Authorized Towing Association (DATA) Fights to Save Businesses

09/29/2012 (press release: PeggyKGoodwin) // Detroit, Michigan, U.S. // Peggy K. Goodwin, APR

Members of the Detroit Authorized Towing Association (DATA) will present their plan for the City’s towing, storage, scrap and vehicle retrieval at the Detroit City Council’s Public Health & Safety Committee at 10am on Monday, October 1st on the 13th Floor of the City County Building. DATA members are fighting for their livelihood in Detroit in light of Mayor Bing’s various proposals to bring in outside companies and/or transfer towing over to the City. “The towing issue has been on and off the City Council’s agenda for the past five years and the city is considering outsourcing it,” says Pastor Jerome L. Warfield, Chair of the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners. “The police authorized towers are the experts and they also should be consulted by the city about this whole process,” he said. The plan, as presented by DATA Co-Chairs Jules (Julie) Semma and Barry Foster, will demonstrate how the association, working with the police department, can realize efficiencies through an effective vehicle retrieval software system that lessens the burden on the police department, creates a revenue stream for the City, and keeps an estimated, annual $7.1M economic impact on the City from being dismantled.

With compliance levels at 95% for the City Auditor General based on the 2010 Tow Audit, and 100% according to the Building and Safety Department for Zoning Ordinances, DATA members are experts who serve and contribute to the community in ways large and small. “Our plan complements the Board of Police Commission Plan, but is separate from the Tow Rate Commission Plan, and includes improving efficiency with a comprehensive, state-of-the-art software system that would cost the city nothing to implement,” said DATA Co-Chair Jules (Julie) Semma. “As residents, business owners and constituents, we also understand the fiscal crisis the city is in and we agree with the Board of Police Commissioners to look at processes to help the city enhance revenue streams,” added DATA Co-Chair Barry Foster. “But how is it fiscally responsible for the City to want to dismantle our businesses when we contribute, cooperate, comply with and support the police at crime scenes, accidents and other incidents. We are their partners in restoring order from chaos,” he said.

DATA officers Julie Semma, Barry Foster, Christine Davis, Jennifer Fiore, Steve Land and Troy Ginyard are available for interviews.


The Detroit Authorized Towing Association (DATA) is a non-profit organization comprised of the majority of Police Authorized towing companies in Detroit. DATA members are Detroit-based, majority/minority, family-owned companies that have worked with both Detroit police and its citizens for a combined 517 years. DATA members pride themselves in working with the police to keep order on the streets, avenues, highways and byways of Detroit. As an association of small businesses with staffs exceeding 189 individuals, DATA members own more than 3M square feet of real estate in Detroit and are 100% compliant with Zoning Ordinances. Members believe they are exactly what the city needs more of: small businesses who invest in the city. DATA’s mission is to support the City of Detroit through an organized approach, advance the towing industry in education and technology, enhance services and increase efficiency. DATA provides towing, logistics, storage, scrap and vehicle retrieval.


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