Diet Chef explains why November is the perfect time to start losing weight

11/09/2012 (press release: OnlinePR) // Diet Chef Three Sixty Communications

Everyone knows it can be more difficult to stick to a diet during the winter, but Diet Chef believes November is the perfect time for people to start losing weight.

Often, people begin their weight loss plans in January as a New Year’s resolution. They feel as though they have over-indulged at Christmas and want to shed the extra pounds they have gained. The phrase ‘a new year, a new me’ is one that a lot of people have in mind after Christmas and they are determined to make changes.

But Diet Chef suggests November is a good month to make a head start on losing weight before the festive indulgences. December can be a challenging time of the year for dieters because there are so many tasty treats around to tempt them. If they have already started their weight loss regime and have seen how effective following the Diet Chef plan can be, they will be less likely to be tempted over the festive period.

What is more, by starting a diet in November, individuals can slim down in time for Christmas, meaning they can fit into a new outfit for festive parties and wow friends and family with their new figure. The thought of looking good for Christmas will give many people the motivation they need to succeed.

Gillian Hope, Diet Chef Brand Manager, said “If you follow a diet for a month in the lead up to the Christmas party season you can easily lose half a stone. That can make a huge difference, you’ll feel slimmer and more confident during the upcoming busy social time.”

Diet Chef is a delivered meal diet plan that helps people to lose weight by providing them with calorie and portion controlled meals, all of which have been created by an expert chef. All dieters need to do is warm up their meals in the microwave and add their own vegetables or rice accompaniments. It is perfect for winter, as people can choose from warming dishes such as beef in ale, mushroom stroganoff and lasagne.

The diet is clinically proven to work and a study found 61 per cent of participants lost five per cent of their total body weight after 12 weeks on Diet Chef, compared with just 22 per cent of the control group.


Diet Chef carefully counts the calories of all meals so dieters on the plan will be averaging less than 1,200 calories per day. The daily menu allows you to get delicious home delivered food, as well as offering a tasty and varied, healthy balanced plan encouraging dieters to enjoy a low calorie diet and lose weight at a healthy pace.

Those on the diet looking to check their own progress can do so using the weight loss calculator and Free BMI calculator as well as sharing their weight loss success stories via the website or Diet Chef social media channels.

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