Dieters Discover Weight Loss Benefits of African Mango

12/06/2012 (press release: Advertisement)

A peer-reviewed scientific study has found that Irvingia gabonensis (popularly known as African mango) has impressive results for those attempting to lose weight. The peer-reviewed study which has been presented in PubMed—a government website run by the NCBI (the National Center for Biotechnology Information)—suggests that simply by using African mango, without any other changes to diet or exercise individuals can lose weight.

With obesity rates in the United States at all-time highs and rates of exercise alarmingly low due to American’s busy work lives, weight loss is no longer just an issue for those who want to look good on the beach. It is a health issue.

Any diet aid that helps people lose weight is a welcome addition.

About the Study

The peer reviewed study was conducted on 102 individuals. Study participants were not asked to change their diets or to exercise more. Divided into two groups participants were randomly assigned either a placebo or 150 mg of an Irvingia gabonensis (African mango) seed extract, which they were instructed to take one hour before dinner throughout the 10 week course of the study.

Participants were recalled for testing at 4, 8 and 10 weeks for monitoring.

At the conclusion of the study those taking African mango were found to have significantly lower levels of body fat, waist measurements and overall weight, as well as having lower levels of cholesterol while also having better levels of adiponectin among other naturally occurring bodily chemicals.

How much weight loss did participants experience?

On average, subjects lost 10 pounds in the first 4 weeks.

Another study has suggested that the African mango extract works by affecting the PPAR-gamma gene which is known as a regulator of fat growth in the body. By disrupting the usual patterns of cell growth, Irvingia gabonensis may help the body to avoid gaining weight.

African mango also produces leptin, an appetite suppressant—thus offering a strong combination of weight loss benefits.

In fact, television personality and real world doc, Dr. Oz is one of many to have recently embraced the benefits of African mango for weight loss. Dr. Oz has gone as far as to call African mango a “super fruit” and even a “miracle in the medicine cabinet.” Dr. Oz especially recommends African mango for women over the age of 40, when metabolism is especially prone to slowing down.

Anecdotal evidence from users of African mango who have combined their daily use of the “miracle” supplement with exercise suggest that much higher levels of weight loss are possible, with some dieters having experienced as much as 11 pounds of weight loss in a single week.

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