Disney unveils a real-life lightsaber

Disney unveils a real-life lightsaber


Disney Parks released a very short clip of what appears to be a working lightsaber on Tuesday, May 4, which is known as Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You. Get it?).
The 13-second clip showed off a Disney performer dressed as the “Star Wars” hero Rey turning on a lightsaber, with a solid, retractable blade of light extending from the hilt, just like in the movies. It’s not a visual effect or a camera trick — it’s as real as a lightsaber can get in this galaxy.
Of course, Disney didn’t actually create a laser sword that’s capable of cutting off your son’s hand because he refuses to join you in ruling the galaxy.

Rather, the company’s Imagineers — designers of Disney’s parks, rides, gadgets and hotels — created the device to function like a real lightsaber in that the “blade” of light extends from the base of the sword.

The saber isn’t for sale, at least not yet. But fans can soon see it in action at Disney’s new “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser,” an immersive Disney hotel that…