Do Facebook Likes Increase Business Revenue?

05/16/2013 // ~ Social Media Gal ~ // @1SocialMediaGal // (press release)

Buying real Facebook “Likes” with the use of ads has created a frenzy for businesses competing on the popular social media networking site. But does increasing your Likes increase business revenue? For a business to truly cash-in on this trend, a business owner must first determine the true value of their Facebook fans. This is the deciding factor on whether purchasing Likes is a sound marketing investment.

The fact is that social media marketing across Facebook is not a new concept. If you are considering purchasing fans for increased visibility, however, it is a good idea to determine their worth prior to investing large amounts of revenue. A luxury brand may not have fans as valuable as a t-shirt company due to the sheer scale and price of its products. What’s more, fans that are present are only truly valuable if they actually make a purchase or refer others who then make a purchase.

Determining the value of your fans is dependent on comparing actual fans with nonfans. The four main factors to consider are:

1. Amount of product spending.

2. The chance that the person will spend in the future.

3. The likelihood that the fan will spread the word to others.

4. The emotional draw or affinity felt for a specific brand.


“In order to determine the value of your fan’s, you must observe how your customers actually use Facebook,” states @1SocialMediaGal, “Simply being present on Facebook gives you a unique opportunity to connect with them in a new manner.”

Receiving an organic Like on your Facebook page will be much more valuable than a farmed one because this customer sought you out. Farmed Likes are still valuable if a business provides relevant content and helpful information through Facebook.

For over a decade, Facebook has been an effective marketing strategy to grow visibility and increase customers. To use it effectively, a business has to determine the value of their fans. The more valuable a fan, the higher revenue a business will achieve.

Of course, this view is strictly from a standpoint of the ability to create revenue within your Likes. For more on the value of Facebook fans from an SEO perspective, please visit @1SocialMediaGal’s blog.

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