DoE battles misinformation over feral cat cull

feral cat cull, Cayman Islands, Cayman News Service


Feral cat with bird (from DoE social media)

(CNS): The Department of Environment’s effort to control invasive species and the growing detrimental impact on endemic and local species have met with a significant amount of misinformation recently, especially on social media. The rollout of the alien species regulations that provide a lawful, clear platform for the control of feral animals and protection of threatened birds, iguanas and other unique flora and flora has fuelled a backlash of anger based largely on misunderstandings.

Feral cats, rats, green iguanas and chickens that were once pets or domesticated but at some point were released into the wild, as well as imported plants, are directly threatening many of Cayman’s endemic, unique and native flora and fauna. Fred Burton, the director of the DoE Terrestrial Resource Unit, said it is hard to think of a single native species here that isn’t partially at risk from alien species — the second biggest threat to…