DoE gives money to divers in deadly coral illness struggle

Cayman News Service


DoE staff removing diseased coral (Photo courtesy of the DoE)

(CNS): The Department of Environment (DoE) is looking for divers who can help them in the national response to the deadly Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD). With this disease impacting over 20 species of reef-building corals on local reefs, the department needs qualified divers to apply topical antibiotics and where necessary remove infected corals. The work is short-term and requires a commitment of at least three days per week. While there are no benefits with the short-term contract, divers will be paid CI$75 per day. SCUBA certified divemasters or above or those with 500+ dives are asked to contact the DoE as soon as possible to start on this critical work.

Having received approval from the ministry responsible for the environment to offer several short-term, 6-month service contracts, the DoE said applicants need to have their own dive and health insurance and the ability to learn to identify coral…