DoE works on reef broken by boat at Eden Rock

DoE works on reef damaged by boat at Eden Rock


(CNS): Divers from the Department of Environment Marine Unit are working to re-attach damaged corals to the reef at Eden Rock following a recent unreported grounding by a large ship at the popular dive site. The damage was reported by local environmental activist Rory McDonough, who contacted the DoE, the premier and the port authority after he saw the devastating damage and what he said was the “consistent disregard and lack of accountability” for this type of incident.

When the DoE followed up and sent divers to the site, they found several chunks of coral torn from the reef, which they managed to put back up and begin the process of re-attaching them to the reef to protect them from further damage.

The DoE said the “disheartening incident” happened as the department prepares for a four-day conference of coral scientists and members of the working group on Coral Conservation in the Overseas Territories (CCOT), who will be arriving next week. A ‘Coral…