Domino’s tried to promote pizza to Italians. It failed

Domino's tried to sell pizza to Italians. It failed
Seven years after its debut in the country, the American pizza giant has formally shut its stores after it failed to win over locals who preferred homegrown options, according to a report by Milano Today.
EPizza SpA, the franchise operator of the Domino’s (DMPZF) brand in Italy, filed for bankruptcy in April, after it struggled to make enough sales during two years of pandemic restrictions, according to a document filed in a Milan court.
The company stopped activity in all its Domino’s stores on July 20, according to a report by Food Service, an Italian food industry publication.

Although some may attribute Domino’s failure to its brazen attempt to infiltrate pizza’s homeland with American fare, ePizza said it went bust because of competition from food delivery apps.

The Milan-based company faced “unprecedented competition” from local restaurants that started using services such as Glovo, Just Eat and Deliveroo during the pandemic, the court filing said.

Domino’s said in a…