Dr. Alen N. Cohen and Dr. Matthew “Matt” Hershcovitch Accused of Performing Unne… – Press Release

Lawsuit filed against CA doctors, C/V ENT Surgical Group, Southern California Sinus Institute, and West Hills Surgical Center for potential medical negligence

Gibbs Law Group and co-counsel firms Cohen & Malad and Theodoros & Rooth filed a lawsuit on February 1, 2022, on behalf of a former patient of ENT/head and neck surgeon Dr. Alen N. Cohen (“Dr. Cohen”) and plastic surgeon Matthew “Matt” Hershcovitch (“Dr. Hershcovitch”) for allegedly recommending unnecessary sinus surgery despite no indication that the patient had any sinus disease that would necessitate such a procedure.

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According to the recently filed lawsuit, 20-year-old patient Lena Shiblak sought out the treatment of Dr. Hershcovitch in December 2020 for issues with her nose, which she had broken as a child. The lawsuit states that after both doctors reviewed CT scans that Dr. Hershcovitch had ordered, Dr. Cohen falsely told Shiblak that her CT scans indicated extensive sinus disease that would require her to have a sinus surgery procedure. Then, on January 11, 2021, Shiblak received a nose job and unnecessary sinus surgery from Dr. Cohen with the assistance of Dr. Hershcovitch. Following the procedure, Dr. Cohen reportedly recorded false statements in his operative notes, including that Shiblak had undergone conservative therapy.

The lawsuit further claims that C/V ENT Surgical Group and Southern California Sinus Institute—which maintain the same address in West Hills, CA—failed to properly supervise both Dr. Cohen and Dr. Hershcovitch and negligently credentialed them to perform surgery at their facilities. West Hills Surgical Center, which is where the unnecessary sinus surgery took place, also had a duty to properly supervise and credential its surgeons and had the ability to review the patient’s CT scans before the doctors performed the sinus surgery, per the lawsuit.

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