Dr Richard Freeman: Ex-British Biking and Crew Sky chief physician responsible

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Former British Cycling and Team Sky chief doctor Richard Freeman has been found guilty of ordering banned testosterone in 2011 “knowing or believing” it was to help dope a rider.

A medical tribunal ruled Freeman ordered Testogel with the knowledge “it was to be administered to an athlete to improve their athletic performance”.

He had previously admitted 18 of 22 charges but denied the central charge regarding the purpose of the order.

His hearing will resume on 17 March.

That is when the tribunal will consider if Freeman’s “fitness to practise is impaired”.

During the tribunal, which has lasted for more than two years, Freeman said he was bullied into ordering the drug by former British Cycling and Team Sky performance director Shane Sutton to treat his erectile dysfunction.

Sutton denied those claims, and claimed Freeman was lying. The tribunal ruled Freeman’s claims were an “elaborate falsehood”.

It ruled that the motive for Freeman’s actions was to “conceal his conduct”. Only one…