DrChrono EHR Offers an All-in-One Telehealth App Experience on iOS and iPadOS; Physicians Can View a Patient Medical Record and Multitask During a Video Visit


DrChrono EHR Offers All-in-One Telehealth App Experience on iOS and iPadOS


Physicians can view a patient medical record and multitask during a video visit.

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DrChrono Inc., the company developing the essential platform and services for modern medical practices, today announced that its EHR platform offers an all-in-one telehealth app experience on iOS and iPadOS. Physicians can now view the patient’s medical record and multitask, such as e-prescribing and order labs, during video visits directly on their iPad or iPhone. In addition, DrChrono launched for the first time Telehealth free(ium) for life to its network of physicians.

DrChrono Telehealth Video Visit is a fully integrated software app for physicians and patients. New Telehealth iOS updates now available for DrChrono’s OnPatient Personal Health Record app for the patient and the DrChrono EHR app for the physician include:

DrChrono OnPatient Personal Health Record – The patient can now create and launch video visits among other new mobile functions directly from their OnPatient app from their iPad or iPhone. Patients can also quickly and easily schedule a video visit appointment with their physician, check-in early, and sign consent forms ahead of time or in real-time with the physician from their device.

DrChrono EHR – The physician can now conduct video visits and multitask with the patient directly from their iPad or iPhone. Physicians can access and review the patient’s entire medical record in real-time in a separate window that won’t interrupt the video visit. Additionally, the physician can resend appointment reminders via text or email, receive push notifications that the patient is waiting/has joined the appointment, send integrated consent forms, e-prescribe, and order labs during the video visit. The physician can also take a screenshot with tags during the video visit and save it to the document history found in the patient medical record. This is helpful in cases where the patient has a rash, bruise or other condition that requires saving an image directly to their chart.

DrChrono is also offering for the first time Telehealth free(ium) for life, signup here. DrChrono’s telehealth offering is available for free to its network of medical providers. Telehealth free(ium) for life includes: 5,000 minutes per month, 83.3 hours per month, free telehealth visits one-on-one and 5 cents per minute after the first 5,000 minutes.

“Telehealth adoption continues at a record pace and we’ll see virtual visits supersede in-person visits as time goes on. As a result, medical providers are quickly realizing they need more modern telehealth solutions and services for their practice to keep pace,” said Daniel Kivatinos, Co-founder and COO of DrChrono. “We are committed to leveraging Apple’s technology and excited to bring this telehealth offering to market. Our physician customers are benefitting tremendously from the new seamless integration that allows them to do a myriad of tasks while conducting a telehealth visit from their iPadOS. With this new update, they no longer have to switch back and forth between apps, making the time spent with the patient even more efficient and productive.”

The DrChrono Telehealth Video Visit is a fully integrated software app available exclusively to its network of clinics, physicians and patients on its healthcare platform. Over 10,000 medical providers on the DrChrono platform will have access to more telehealth options and receive more inbound requests to provide virtual care visits to patients.

DrChrono is growing at a rapid rate. To date, the health platform is used by thousands of physicians and has over 27 million patients under the care of DrChrono providers. The platform facilitated millions of appointments and the processing of more than $11 billion of medical billing to date. DrChrono takes full advantage of the power of iOS, iPadOS and the web to design all of its Electronic Health Records (EHR) and its latest telemedicine offerings to ensure a meaningful experience for physicians and patients.

For more information about DrChrono and its Telehealth offerings, visit https://www.drchrono.com/telehealth/.

To see a demo of Video Visits on the iPad, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxpHn_-PiZk&feature=youtu.be.

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DrChrono develops the essential platform and services for modern medical practices to make care more informed, more interactive, and more personalized. The open platform powers electronic health record (EHR), practice management, medical billing, and revenue cycle management solutions for thousands of physicians and millions of patients, and is fully extensible via a robust API and marketplace of applications and services. The platform is facilitating millions of patient appointments and is processing billions of dollars in medical billing. For more information about DrChrono, visit www.drchrono.com.

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