Dubai simply dropped a 30% tax on alcohol

Dubai just dropped a 30% tax on alcohol

London/Abu Dhabi

Dubai has scrapped a 30% tax on alcohol and will no longer charge tourists or expats for permits to buy alcoholic drinks as the emirate tries to attract more foreign workers and visitors in the face of growing regional competition.

Two major retailers in the city, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), said they had slashed their prices to reflect the tax cut.

“Buying your favorite drinks is now easier and cheaper than ever,” Maritime and Mercantile International (MMI) announced on its Instagram account on Sunday. MMI, one of Dubai’s biggest alcohol retailers and a subsidiary of the state-owned Emirates group, has 21 stores across the city, according to its website.

African + Eastern, another drinks retailer, said on its Instagram page on Sunday that it had removed the tax and that it was now offering personal liquor licenses at zero cost.