Duct Tape Marketing Becomes a Family Business

11/28/2011 // Kansas City, MO, USA // [email protected] // John Jantsch

Duct Tape Marketing was started in 2002 by John Jantsch as a unique turnkey small business marketing system.

Over the next 8 years Jantsch continued to grow the business in a variety of ways including; adding a blog that became a Forbes favorite for small business, writing two best selling books, Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine, as well as creating the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network that now includes over 50 authorized consultants.

As a part of this growth Jantsch needed to expand his workforce.

In 2010 Jantsch’s second eldest daughter, Sara Jantsch, joined Duct Tape Marketing as a Community Manager responsible for each Duct Tape Marketing customer’s experience.

“Being family members we have a greater trust level than simply being coworkers. When we talk about projects and commit to things we know they will get done well. This effects our relationship with our customers because we can move faster and provide greater quality of service to each of them,” said Sara Jantsch.

Meet Sara by watching a 2-minute video here: http://ducttape.me/suT2HJ

In 2011 Jantsch’s eldest daughter, Jenna Jantsch, joined Duct Tape Marketing as a Marketing Manager responsible for a variety of marketing and public relations initiatives.

“During my marketing career it has been fun staying connected with my dad and Duct Tape Marketing. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join the team and see it grow from the inside,” said Jenna Jantsch.

Meet Jenna by watching a 2-minute video here: http://ducttape.me/tesDiD

“Today the office is more fun for me. It’s reconnected me in a way with why I’m doing what I’m doing. It’s funny but in a way part of the reason I worked so hard to this point was to provide for my family so now doing it with them is kind of awesome,” said Jantsch.

About Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing is a unique turnkey small business marketing system created by best-selling author and award-winning small business marketing expert John Jantsch. Visit the Duct Tape Marketing Blog, a Forbes favorite for small business, at http://www.ducttapemarketing.com/blog

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