Duke Energy Florida provides free energy makeovers for income-eligible residents… – Press Release


  • Program will be implemented in two phases with the first phase beginning in March

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — More than 1,400 income-eligible customers in Volusia County’s DeLand neighborhood will soon receive a jolt of positive energy from Duke Energy.

Through its innovative Neighborhood Energy Saver program, the company will give qualified customers a complimentary energy makeover for their house, mobile home or apartment.

Due to the size of the DeLand community, the program will be implemented in two phases with the first phase beginning in March. Phase 2 is currently under development and will be announced at a later date.

“The more you know about your energy use and how your home uses energy, the more opportunities you have to save and lower your monthly bill,” said Melissa Seixas, Duke Energy Florida state president. “We look forward to continuing to offer programs, like the Neighborhood Energy Saver program, that can help our customers make their homes more energy efficient and save money on their bills.”

Duke Energy Florida will assess each home to determine if it qualifies for free attic insulation, duct sealing and AC maintenance. Customers will also qualify to receive up to 17 energy-saving improvements at no cost, including:

  • Digital room thermometer
  • Energy-saving showerhead or shower wand
  • One-year supply of AC filters
  • Supply of AC/furnace filters
  • Water-saving kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators
  • Energy-efficient lightbulbs
  • Water heater wraps/pipe wrap
  • Covers for window AC units
  • Caulking, weatherstripping and door sweeps
  • Insulation upgrade
  • Basic AC maintenance
  • AC duct leakage sealing

Customers will also learn how daily activities, habits and other factors can increase their electric use and raise their energy bills.

“This is an amazing opportunity for our residents to save money and improve the quality of their homes, we hope many community members take advantage of this program,” said City of DeLand Mayor Christopher Cloudman. “Sustainability is…