Dwelling-school numbers climb with lack of college areas

Homeschooled children in the Cayman Islands at a recent event, Cayman News Service


Home-schooled children in the Cayman Islands at a recent event

(CNS): At the end of this academic year, 141 students were registered in home-school programmes, according to the Department of Education Services, but numerous social media posts suggest that one of the main reasons is that parents are struggling to find places for their children in local schools, both public and private. Over 100 of the children staying home to learn are locals, either Caymanians or long-term residents. However, parents say resources are improving, and there are more opportunities for the kids to mix.

Home Schooled Children 2022/2023 Academic Year by Immigration Status
Immigration Status No. of Students  
Caymanian/Status Holder 85  
Dependent of Caymanian 1  
Permanent Resident Dependent 17  
Work Permit Dependent 35  
Non-Caymanian Civil Servant Dependent 3  
Total: 141  
Source: DES

Under the Education Act, 2016, all children in Cayman between the ages of five and 17 must be in full-time education,…