Ebanks quits OfReg council, refusing to be ‘seat hotter’

Cayman Islands Consumer Council, Cayman News Service

George Ebanks

(CNS): Just a few months after George Ebanks was appointed as chair of the Consumer Council, created to advise the Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg) and feed in consumer concerns, the local businessman has resigned, saying he refuses to be a seat warmer and describing the council as a “cheap employee” of the regulator. In a scathing resignation letter, Ebanks said the terms of reference given to the council were nothing more than a straight jacket, preventing it from taking action to change things for the better or actually hold utility providers accountable.

In an email sent to the press, with a copy of his resignation letter attached, Ebanks said he was “silly enough to accept the chairmanship”, despite knowing the weakness of the provision in the legislation (section 60 of the Utility Regulation and Competition Act), which enables the creation of the council. He said the terms of reference, composition and appointment of the…