Editorial: Cayman comes collectively to climate the storm

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As the Cayman Islands picks up the pieces after Tropical Storm Grace, we have much to be thankful for.

While the storm flooded some neighbourhoods, uprooted trees, damaged properties and downed power lines, the sobering reality is that it could have been far worse.

Thankfully there were no deaths or serious injuries and – at least on initial assessment – the impact to homes and businesses appears to have been relatively minor.

In some ways, Grace served as both a test run and a wake-up call for our community.

It was a chance for our institutions to put their procedures and protocols into practice.

It was also a timely reminder that we all need to prepare for the possibility that the next storm could be much more severe.

The good news is that our emergency services, our government and our people passed this examination with flying colours.

Special credit must go the Caribbean Utilities Company crews who laboured in difficult conditions to restore power to almost every household in the…