Edward Colston: Why the toppled slave dealer statue is occurring public show in England


Written by Toyin Owoseje, CNN

A statue of colonial slave trader Edward Colston has gone on public display in Bristol, England, almost a year after it was toppled during Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the city.

On June 7 last year, demonstrators denouncing historic and systemic racism and oppression defaced the controversial monument with red and blue graffiti. They used ropes to tear down it down from its plinth before rolling it through the streets and dumping it into the River Avon.

Days later, the bronze statue was recovered from the riverbed by Bristol City Council and put into storage.

The statue is now being displayed at M Shed, Bristol

The statue is now being displayed at M Shed, Bristol Credit: PA/Sipa

The statue — which for many was a symbol of Britain’s colonial legacy — is now displayed at the M Shed museum, alongside placards from the protest and a timeline of events. The figure is lying down on its back, on a specially crafted wooden structure.

According to museum authorities, the new, temporary display is intended…