Egg costs exploded 60% greater final yr. These meals costs surged too

Egg prices exploded 60% higher last year. These food prices surged too



Eggs, milk, butter, flour … if you were making pancakes last year, it would have cost you. Food prices surged in 2022.

Grocery prices remain stubbornly high (and nearly double the rate of overall inflation) at 11.8% year over year, according to data released Thursday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Blame Russia, the weather, disease and a host of other factors.

“Even though we’re seeing inflationary pressures ease, we still have a war in Ukraine,” said Tom Bailey, senior consumer foods analyst with Rabobank. “Fertilizer costs have improved, but they still remain very high. Energy costs have improved, but they still remain relatively high. Labor costs still remain a problem — and the list goes on.”

Weather and disease are heavily affecting certain products’ prices, too – and none have been more rotten than egg prices:…