Elena Baturina and BE OPEN Art awarded the first Artist of the Region at a celeb… – Press Release

LONDON, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On June 8th, 2023 BE OPEN Art, an online art gallery set up by BE OPEN think tank, a humanitarian initiative founded by international businessperson and philanthropist Elena Baturina, held an opening ceremony for the BE OPEN Regional Art: the Eastern Mediterranean art competition.

The exhibition will be open to public until June 21st at the Centre of Visual Arts and Research in Nicosia. It is dedicated to celebrating the emerging artists of the Eastern Mediterranean and displays the artworks selected by the public and BE OPEN experts in the course of a region-based competition that lasted from January to March 2023.

Every month, works by 20 emerging artists from Cyprus, Turkey, the Greek Dodecanese islands, and the countries of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Jordan and Egypt were posted at the online gallery, for the public to select the Regional Artist of the Month.

Based on the general amount of votes, Jovanna Theodosiou was selected as the Artist of the Region for the Eastern Mediterranean. Jovanna studied Fine Art in Kingston University, UK, and currently lives and works in Nicosia, Cyprus. As a regional winner, she received a money prize of EUR500 and a major representation at the exhibition.

The exhibition featured woks by other regional artists: Chrystalla Tsiamparta, Cyprus; Aya Abou Hawash, Palestine and Lebanon; Christina Kyriakou, Cyprus; Abdelrahman Mahmoud, Egypt; Jamilee Doueihy, Lebanon; Dimitrios Ikonomou, Nicolaou Pantelis and Elena Adamou from Cyprus.

The exhibition enjoyed cordial support from the Ministry of Education of Cyprus: “We are glad to see creative Cyprus youth benefit from BE OPEN’s international initiative that offers much needed support to young artists. This exhibition will become a celebration of our artistic and cultural tradition. We hope that such philanthropic projects will help more of our creative young people become acknowledged and appreciated in Cyprus and internationally….