Empowering Workforce Collaboration: Interaction Associates Announces Free Public… – Press Release


Four-part series kicks off August 3, will help attendees learn what’s needed within the people element to really work better together to cultivate Collaborative Intelligence

BOSTON, July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — In response to the increasing demand for highly-effective collaboration skills in the modern workplace, Interaction Associates (IA) is pleased to announce a ground-breaking 4-part webinar series, dedicated to cultivating Collaborative Intelligence. This series will help individuals, teams, and organizations shake off unproductive patterns and learn the skills necessary to enhance their collaborative abilities to increase alignment, efficiency, productivity, employee wellness, and change management efforts. It will also address the key question, “With the myriad of collaborative technologies on the markets, what’s needed within the people element to really work better together?”

Collaborative Intelligence – the ability to work in unison to produce meaningful results – is a unique human capacity, essential for success at work and beyond. However, without the right skills and consistent practice, teams risk falling into unproductive work patterns. This webinar series aims to provide the awareness to help today’s modern workforce – from team members to managers and executive leaders – recognize and overcome these challenges with applicable techniques that will make an immediate impact on how one collaborates with others.

The series kicks off on August 3, 1:00-2:00pm ET, with “Better Together: Collaborative Intelligence at Work™”. Here, attendees will explore the Collaborative Intelligence concept, its impact on how groups work together, identify the major ‘muscle groups’ needed for effective collaboration, and practice strategies to improve the results of their collaborative efforts.

“When collaborating, we tend to lose sight of ourselves and lack awareness of how we work together. Yet, it’s crucial to understand how you act and react in collaborative…