Encourage Employees to Vacation


08/16/2015 // Dallas, Texas, United States // Attorney Keith Clouse // Keith Clouse // (press release)

Keith Clouse, a Dallas employment lawyer, notes that recent news articles lament the fact that many Americans do not take their allotted vacation time and, that when they do, Americans check in with their offices multiple times a day and drag laptops along to do substantive work. An employer, however, should encourage employees to take vacation leave and to use the time to truly relax. Here’s why:

  • Burnout. An employee who is so dedicated to the job that he never takes a mental break can quickly burn out. He won’t be able to think of fresh ideas and his attitude may suffer.
  • Frustration. An employee who feels pressure to immediately respond to all emails—whether urgent or not—will likely end up feeling frustrated with his supervisors and the company. Dissatisfied employees are less likely to deliver quality work and are more inclined to consider other employment options.
  • Inadequate cross-training. An employer who accommodates an employee’s vacation request by asking another employee to handle vital tasks while the employee is out ends up with a workforce that is cross-trained and better able to function should an emergency arise.

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