End result pending on suspect COVID group case

Result pending on suspect COVID community case


(CNS): The Health Services Authority (HSA) is awaiting the test result from a local resident who was admitted to the George Town Hospital on Wednesday evening with symptoms associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19). The patient has no travel history and conclusive results are expected to be returned later, today. Officials said that the first responders who have come into contact with the person are being isolated. News of this suspected case comes after the health minister revealed yesterday that there were 54 breaches of isolation protocols last month.

In an early morning press release the premier confirmed that all the necessary safety protocols were being implemented in conection with this suspect case.

“While we keenly await confirmation of the test results from the HSA, I’d like to reassure the public that all of the necessary testing, protective protocols, and precautions have been implemented,” he said. “As we have always done, we will be guided by the…