England v Australia: Cricket dangers dropping its relevance over packed schedule

Chris Woakes and Jos Buttler


England were thrashed 3-0 in the ODI series against Australia that started just four days after they won the T20 World Cup

England Test captain Ben Stokes retired from one-day international cricket in July and issued a strong warning about the future of the game.

“We are not cars, you can’t just fill us up and we’ll go out there and be ready to be fuelled up again,” said Stokes.

Four months later, when England and Australia started an ODI series just four days after the T20 World Cup final, those words felt more relevant than ever.

It was clear that England, who had shipped half their T20 champions off to Pakistan to prepare for the upcoming Test series, were not at the races – and understandably so. T20 World Cup winning captain Jos Buttler echoed the statement of his team-mate.

“Lots of people are talking about how to keep bilateral cricket relevant and this series is a good example of how not to do that,” said Buttler, after England’s record ODI defeat.

“One of the biggest things is…