European Tremendous League: ‘I am upset and disgusted’ – Danny Murphy

Match of the Day 2 analysis

As a boy, I watched Liverpool winning the league title and European Cup and dreamed of doing the same myself.

When I became a Liverpool player, I wanted to win the things those teams had done, to show I was as good as they were.

That history, that tradition – all of those things that have grown since Liverpool Football Club formed in 1892 – would disappear if they joined this proposed breakaway European Super League and were banned from the Premier League.

Everything that makes Liverpool the institution it is would be lost. If they leave domestic competition for this, what happens to the decades-long rivalry with Manchester United over who has won the most titles?

Do the things that mattered when I put on that red shirt suddenly not matter any more? Where do they go?

‘From a players’ point of view, I don’t see the appeal’

I am retired now, but it will be the same for current Liverpool players, and all those at the…