Everglades: The ‘world’s best airport’ that by no means was

Everglades: The 'world's greatest airport' that never was


(CNN) — It was supposed to be the world’s largest airport, a glamorous intercontinental hub for supersonic airliners with six runways and high-speed rail links to surrounding cities. But today, it’s little more than an airstrip in the middle of nowhere.

The Everglades Jetport, as it was called when the project launched in 1968, started its life right at the end of the Golden Age of air travel, when plane cabins were filled with the smoke of cigars and the clinking of silverware.

Concorde was about to make its first flight, while Boeing was working on an even larger and faster supersonic passenger plane, the 2707.

With a high projected demand for faster-than-sound travel, South Florida emerged as an ideal spot for a hub, because the dreaded “sonic boom” that made these planes unwelcome guests inland could happen harmlessly over the open ocean.

But it wasn’t to be.

Commercial aviation was about to enter a different age, and environmental concerns led to the cancellation of the grand…