EVMs developed in 90 days will process election results in 15 seconds: Shibli Faraz – Press Release

  • Faraz says conventional method of counting votes wastes around 1.8 million votes.
  • The minister says EVMs keep the record of voters and protect their privacy.
  • Says Pakistan has to move towards the use of technology as it is the age of technology.

PESHAWAR: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Shibli Faraz has said that the newly developed Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), which took 90 days for development, will process the election results in just 15 seconds.

“Around 1.8 million votes are wasted by counting them through the conventional method but not a single vote would be wasted with the use of the EVMs,” said Faraz.

The minister, while addressing a ceremony at the Engineering University of Peshawar, said that the government will use technology instead of manpower for counting votes in the next elections.

He asserted that Pakistan has to adapt to the changing world and move towards the use of technology as it is the age of technology.

The minister highlighted that the federal government has worked on election reforms that will make the polling process fair and transparent and benefit democracy.

In addition to this, Faraz said that the EVMs will keep the record of voters and will ensure the protection of voters’ privacy.

“We want the opposition parties to bring their experts and test the EVMs for their satisfaction,” said Faraz, adding that rejecting the machines without inspecting them is not right.

The minister reiterated that the EVMs cannot be hacked or tampered with since they don’t use any internet connection to work.