Express Yourself eLearning Welcomes New Client, Savor Chef

06/10/2013 (press release: KungFuzos) // Dallas, TX, USA // Cheryl Lenamon

For Chef Deb Cantrell, Express Yourself eLearning was a God-send. This busy chef, owner of Savor Culinary Services is much in demand as a caterer, a dietary consultant, an instructor and a personal chef. She will soon be offering her coaching skills to families worldwide via Express Yourself eLearning courses. Express Yourself is an on line course platform that is revolutionizing business for authors and speakers such as Dallas chef, Deb Cantrell. With new, affordable technology, individuals and small businesses can upload videos, audio, content, quizzes and documents onto Express Yourself eLearning and sell their message globally. This game-changer offers a broader audience and reduces printing, distribution and travel costs.

“Chef Deb’s business was a natural fit for Express Yourself,” said Jayne Rios, founder and CEO of Express Yourself eLearning. “Like many talented women, Chef Deb is balancing business and family, and sometimes the business side becomes overwhelming. The ability to offer her culinary know-how in an eCourse and send it out worldwide will take a huge load off of her,” continued Ms. Rios. “She can create it once and help thousands of people as they sign up for specialties courses such as Cooking Glutton Free.

Like most small business owners with limited resources, Chef Deb Cantrell has no one on staff with IT skills. It was important to her that the eLearning program was both affordable and user-friendly. The intrinsic or inherent value of Express Yourself eLearning becomes obvious when users begin uploading their courses. The affordable platform is Word-based and can be navigated easily and quickly. There are no codes to learn so anyone who is familiar with Microsoft Word can jump in and begin. Before this new technology was available, eLearning online platforms were expensive and required a sophisticated level of expertise. Express Yourself technology changed the eLearning portrait, allowing individuals with low IT skills and limited budget the opportunity to engage.

“I was so excited to upload my first eCourse on Express Yourself, said Chef Dab. “We shot my video and now I’m uploading my content. So much of what I teach is very specialized; I coach moms on how to cook for Autistic children, or those with ADD and diabetes. I don’t like turning away people who need my skills, so I found myself stressed out and overbooked. This is like an answer to prayer for me. I’m going to get my life back!”

Express Yourself eLearning was launched in March, and has created quite a buzz within author/speaker communities. Requests for walk-through demos has necessitated the creation of a video course entitled Interactive Author. Interested parties can sign up for this $69 course by going to

About Express Yourself eLearning

Designed for 21st century speakers, authors and trainers, Express Yourself eLearning is a dynamic online eLearning platform. Recently launched by KungFuzos, Next Generation Video Marketing, the eLearning system is created incorporating new technology that makes it affordable and extremely user-friendly. Express Yourself eLearning encourages users to upload videos shot with hand-held camera such as Smart Phones, audio, photos, course content, documents that students can download, quizzes, and certificates of completion. The courses are password protected and tie in to ecommerce so that individual course publishers can charge whatever they wish and keep 100% of the income. To find out more go to or call toll free 855-456-9876.

About Chef Deb Cantrell

Founder and owner of Savor Culinary Services, Chef Deb Cantrell is an experienced personal chef and boutique caterer. She is a dietary consultant and coach with a special focus on medically-necessary and healthy diets. Her business serves Fort Worth, North Dallas and surrounding areas in Texas. Chef Deb Cantrell, CPC, and her team successfully help clients face new or ongoing dietary restrictions without fear and without losing flavorful, delicious food! To learn more visit

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