Feral cat situation settled, management challenge restarts

Cayman News Service

A feral cat preys upon a hatchling rock iguana in Little Cayman

(CNS): Feral cat control has resumed in Little Cayman after an agreement between the Cayman Islands Government and two local animal welfare non-profit organisations, Feline Friends and the Cayman Islands Humane Society, which had challenged the programme in the courts. The NPOs managed to stop the control project for several years, placing threatened native and endemic fauna in even greater danger as the wild cats were slaughtering birds and iguanas, bringing some to the brink of extinction.

The dispute lasted for more than three years but the NPOs agreed to quit the fight earlier this year after the Cayman Islands Government agreed to pick up their legal tab of CI$25,000. Cabinet recently approved the settlement to ensure that invasive species management in the Sister Islands could resume in earnest.

Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn said the Ministry of Sustainability respected the important work local…