FIGS Releases Its 2022 Impact Report – FIGS (NYSE:FIGS) – Press Release

FIGS, Inc. FIGS, the direct-to-consumer healthcare apparel and lifestyle brand, today released its 2022 Impact Report, providing a comprehensive view into its efforts to positively impact healthcare professionals. The full FIGS 2022 Impact Report is available at

“As we celebrate our 10th anniversary at FIGS, we’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished,” said Ms. Spear. “At the same time that we’ve driven growth in our impact-oriented business, we’ve been advancing our philanthropic efforts to support healthcare professionals in meaningful ways. Impact is why we started FIGS and it’s what drives us today. To our Awesome Humans—thank you to the best people on the planet. And thank you to everyone who recognizes their extraordinary contributions to the world and our need to create impact for them.”

Highlights of the FIGS 2022 Impact Report, include:

  • Giving Back

    • FIGS donated $620,000 to 16 different organizations in order to provide funds to those in need. This included:

      • A $500,000 multi-year commitment to fund the development of an Operating Theater and ICU in Kenya, which broke ground in 2022;
      • A $250,000 medical research donation to the Center for Research on Women’s Health and Sex Differences (CREWHS), which is conducting cutting-edge research to advance women’s health;
      • $50,000 to three historically Black medical schools to help ensure access to medical training for all who are driven to serve;
      • $50,000 to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to help in the fight against breast cancer;
      • $25,000 to Project Hope to provide urgent medicine and medical supplies in Ukraine; and
      • $25,000 to four hospitals in Lee County, Florida that were deeply impacted by Hurricane Ian.
    • FIGS donated 218,423 units of FIGS to 22 different organizations in order to provide scrubs and other products to those in need. This included:

      • Donations of approximately 170,000 FIGS scrubs to Razom to provide urgent medicine and…