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E-Fire and security is an established e-commerce business, with over 40 years experience in delivering high quality fire protection products. They stock a wide range of brands and offer a competitive service, working closely with suppliers to ensure customers receive the latest products and best deals possible. Trained staff are available to advise and support customers in their choices.

E-Fire and Security offer products which enable home owners or businesses to protect their home or workplace from the spread of fire. These include fire detection devices which constitute an early warning system; ensuring evacuation procedures can take place before a fire takes hold. Beacons, bells and sounders guarantee the alarm can be seen or heard over large areas in a busy workplace. Call points are an important part of fire safety in a large building; they are always positioned in a conspicuous area. These devices equip personnel with a means of raising the alarm, warning other occupants of fire danger. Kits are available that contain a complete coordinated fire warning system, including call points, smoke alarms and sounders.

Smaller, but no less vital items are fire hoods and door fittings. Fire hoods provide sound and fire proofing when a downlight or similar is fitted, they are easy to install, lightweight and ventilated. Door magnets, closers and retainers are an integrated part of your fire safety system, in normal circumstances they hold a door open. However, in an emergency they ensure the door is closed and held firm, helping to contain the fire. E-Fire and Security provide a range of the sundry products required for fitting and can give expert advice on each.

Conventional control panels are also available from E-Fire and Security, these panels connect multiple fire safety devices in a building. Therefore, the occupants can identify which areas are affected and begin a coordinated and appropriate response to a fire.

In order to ensure the continuing safety and functionality of your chosen system, protective covers and alarms made from extremely durable materials are available. Some include a tamper protection feature, these are appropriate for use in outside areas or where vandalism could be an issue.

In domestic situations, smoke alarms and detectors are an invaluable resource. They are a vital part of fire safety, allowing families or individuals to sleep soundly, knowing they will be warned in the event of fire. Smoke alarms using batteries are available, but also mains connected devices with battery backup. This means the user need not be concerned with the unit running out of power at an inconvenient time. Also, carbon monoxide detectors which benefit from the latest technologies are invaluable in detecting this poisonous, invisible, odourless gas if present in the home.

All products are available from E-Fire and Security. Call now to discuss fire safety solutions or visit the website.

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