Former Apollo CEO Leon Black admits to affair and ‘extraordinarily poor judgment’ however denies abuse

Former Apollo CEO Leon Black admits to affair and 'extremely poor judgment' but denies abuse

The original complaint, filed June 1 by former model Guzel Ganieva, alleges that Black manipulated her into a years-long relationship plagued with “intimidation, abuse and humiliation…that on numerous occasions included forced sexual conduct against her will.”

Black and Ganieva’s on-and-off relationship began in 2008, according to the original complaint, when Black “picked Ms. Ganieva out of a crowd” and convinced her to have dinner with him, so he could lay out a plan “to help her with her future.”

According to the complaint, Ganieva is suing Black for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and gender-motivated violence. She is seeking damages and for Black and anyone working with him to be restrained from further “unlawful conduct.”

In court papers filed Monday in New York County, Black’s attorneys assert that Ganieva’s complaint is “a work of fiction” and deny all accusations of abuse and defamation. Instead, Black filed counter claims, accusing Ganieva of an…