French Study Connects Saffron Extract to Appetite Suppression and Weight Loss.

/ UK ( – press release) Those who follow popular celebrity physician and TV personality, Dr. Oz may already have heard a bit about the weight loss benefits of Saffron extract. For those that haven’t, Saffron extract may still just conjure visions of the Silk Road. A recent French study, however, has uncovered some amazing benefits of adding Saffron extract to a healthy diet.

The study followed 60 female subjects using top level double blind research methods. What it found was that slightly overweight women who added saffron extract to their diets for 2 months had fewer and less intense cravings to snack in-between meals and generally felt better and more positive than those women who received the placebo.

The conclusion of the study is that Sateirial Saffron extract can help dieters to lose weight by suppressing their cravings for snacks. The effect can best be compared with a drug such as Serotonin, a naturally occurring drug that is released into the body after exercise. Saffron extract works by improving mood and making the individual taking Saffron feel as if they are happier and already satiated even if the individual is prone to grazing. In effect, the drug offers a one-two punch for users, improving mood and suppressing appetite.

Not that Saffron extract needs to be supplemented. Saffron extract has also previously been used as a depression fighter, a sleep aid, a PMS mitigation aid, and even as an aphrodisiac (because it may cause some to feel a touch randy when taking it).

Studies may yet find more uses for Saffron extract.

Of course, the researchers responsible for the study point out that no drug should be used by itself if healthy weight loss is the goal. For best results the clear evidence is that any weight loss aid works optimally when combined with a healthy, low calorie diet and regular cardio exercise.

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