Fujitsu Conducts Successful Large-scale Electromagnetic Wave Simulations for Spa… – Press Release

Field trials including Japan’s national space agency JAXA and communications in an urban traffic context leverage the power of the supercomputer Fugaku

TOKYO, July 21, 2022 – (JCN Newswire) – Fujitsu today announced that it conducted successful large-scale electromagnetic wave simulations for a series of use cases in different industries using a cloud-based application for the supercomputer Fugaku(1).

Figure 1 XRISM Satellite and radio intensity calculation results
Figure 2 Overview of the analysis model

Fujitsu envisions that this new analysis solution will help address issues related to electromagnetic interference between electronic components and communications equipment for customers in the space and urban transportation fields. To demonstrate its capabilities, Fujitsu conducted simulations for use cases in these two fields from January to March 2022 and confirmed the effectiveness of the analysis solution as a cloud service between April and July 2022.

Through the simulations, Fujitsu demonstrated how to harness the power offered by the use of HPC resources through a cloud environment to execute precise simulations of complex and large-scale electromagnetic wave problems that could not be solved with conventional approximation algorithms(2).

Fujitsu aims to provide solutions and consulting services related to electromagnetic compatibility testing by leveraging the solution’s high-precision electromagnetic wave analysis capabilities as part of Fujitsu’s Computing as a Service (Below, CaaS) portfolio by the end of FY 2023 in Japan. Fujitsu is further promoting “Sustainable Manufacturing” to achieve growth through the coexistence of people and the earth as one of its key focus areas under its global business brand, Fujitsu Uvance.


Electromagnetic interference between electronic components and communications equipment represents an ongoing challenge for manufacturers in a wide range of areas, including electronic equipment, automobiles, and space equipment,…