Fujitsu Develops New Technology for Accurately Estimating Postures of the Human … – Press Release


Detailed monitoring in hospitals and nursing homes without cameras to ensure patients’ privacy

TOKYO, July 6, 2022 – (JCN Newswire) – Fujitsu has successfully developed a new technology to accurately estimate postures of the human body from coarse-grained point cloud data obtained with a conventional millimeter-wave sensor. Fujitsu plans to deploy the newly developed technology at hospitals and nursing care facilities to support nurses and caregivers in visually monitoring patients and reacting to emergency situations such as falls of patients.

Figure: Overview of the newly developed technology

The technology leverages an AI model for highly accurate estimations of postures of the human body and Fujitsu’s “Actlyzer”(1) AI technology for analysis of complex human behaviors to analyze the movement of patients in detail before and after a fall without installing cameras in highly private spaces such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Fujitsu will conduct field trials with hospitals and nursing care facilities to verify the effectiveness and improve the accuracy of the new technology with the aim to offer it as a service to the Japanese market by the end of FY 2023.

Innovation to improve independence and safety for the elderly and those with impaired mobility
Securing the safety of patients and elderly people while reducing the workload of nurses and caregivers represents an increasingly urgent task at hospitals and nursing homes.

While monitoring technology using sensors has been attracting attention in recent years, the demand for solutions using millimeter wave sensors is expected to grow as it can be deployed at low cost and also helps preserve the privacy of patients.

However, low-priced millimeter-wave sensors, which are widely available, provide only coarse-grained point cloud data and are thus often not accurate enough to detect falls of patients and the elderly and to perform detailed analysis of their behavior before and after falls.

To address this issue, Fujitsu has…