Fund&Grow Announces Free Business Credit Training in Celebration of Acquiring $1… – Press Release

Fund&Grow is celebrating acquiring $1.3 billion in business credit for entrepreneurs across the country. Fund&Grow will host their annual “Spring to Success” Business Credit Training LIVE on Tuesday, April 19th, where all attendees will receive an exclusive $700 discount for their credit stacking membership. This training will teach entrepreneurs of all industries how to access high-limit, low-interest business credit without putting up collateral or giving up equity in their companies.

SPRING HILL, Fla., April 16, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — In celebration of generating $1.3 Billion in Business Credit for business owners and investors across the country, Fund&Grow announces open registration for their free “Spring to Success” Business Credit training. This annual event is designed for entrepreneurs from all industries to help them discover a better and more cost-efficient way to fund their business.

Each spring, CEO Ari Page hosts this event and shares how seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs can secure the funds they need to transition from employee to a successful business owner or investor, using a funding method unlike any other. Click here to register for the Spring to Success Live Business Credit Training.

“The number one thing holding people back from becoming their own boss and working towards their vision rather than someone else’s is a lack of funding, and we set out to help every entrepreneur and investor overcome this major hurdle so they can unlock their full potential,” Ari Page shared. “We’re on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and Real Estate investors by helping them tap into and leverage the safest and most cost-effective form of funding available today: low-interest, unsecured business credit.”

The annual event draws awareness to business credit, which offers access to a funding source that does not require giving up equity in your business, paying high-interest rates, or putting up collateral.

Fund&Grow’s “Spring to Success” training explains how…