To Sell Foosball Tables from DMI Sports, Inc.

/ The online game table retailer has recently announced a new vendor relationship with esteemed foosball table manufacturer DMI Sports, Inc. This partnership will bring high quality foosball to customers, just in time for the holidays.

Just in time for the holiday season, online table game retailer announced it is the proud new vendor of DMI Sports, Inc. foosball tables.

The foosball tables feature category-leading innovations such as adjustable electronic goals, aluminum side rails, and wooden table bodies that lead the industry in quality standards. DMI has been steadily increasing its visibility and its reputation in the niche, with a staunch commitment to quality and customer service.

DMI Sports has branded their four foosball tables under the brand name Advantage. Currently, they manufacture four unique tables, with plans to expand with more models in the coming year. Their primary innovation is their patented Goal-Flex Technology, which gives the user the ability to electronically adjust the width of the goals.

Mike Bowman, a representative of, says that the move to acquire DMI’s foosball table line couldn’t have come at a better time.

“We’re really excited to showcase these DMI products on our site,” says Bowman, “and a big part of that is, we firmly believe that DMI makes a great product. This partnership will help DMI get more well-deserved exposure for their game tables, and it will help us flesh out our spectrum of products for sale.”

“This comes just in time for the holiday season, of course, which is a huge sales season for us.” has created a page dedicated solely to DMI products. Currently, there are only four foosball tables in the category, but more will be added as DMI develops and expands their line.

Foosball has been a growing sport since it was first patented in 1923. It is played worldwide, and professional sports organizations have been formed around the game. It is a popular showcased attraction in bars and hotel lobbies, and is also a feature of many home recreation rooms.

DMI Sports, Inc., prides itself as the “leading manufacturer of indoor games,” and they have a consistent track record to prove it. The company was founded in 1976, and they have since manufactured and sold millions of game tables to customers all over the world. has been retailing high quality foosball tables throughout the United States since 2008.

About has been selling high quality foosball tables and other popular gaming tables nationwide since 2008. The aim of the company is to make entertaining, family-friendly games accessible and affordable to a broader audience, so anyone can enjoy playing these classic games in the comfort of their own homes.

Mike Bowman

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