Gene lab to advance remedy for native sufferers

Cayman News Service


Jonathan Smellie

(CNS): The opening of the Cayman Islands Molecular Biology Laboratory (CIMBL), which will undertake diagnostic genome sequencing, will advance medical treatment and patient outcomes for people in the Cayman Islands, the Health Services Authority said in a release.

Genome sequencing and molecular diagnostics have been “game-changers in healthcare”, HSA officials said. From allowing for the development of PCR tests and vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 in record time to genetic disease risk profiling, the new lab will provide lifesaving services for patients.

“It all comes down to analysing our DNA,” said HSA Principal Molecular Biologist Jonathan Smellie. “With this capability we can better understand how diseases will manifest and decide on the most effective ways to treat them.”

He explained that the lab will initially focus on genomic sequencing for the early diagnosis of hereditary cancers in patients and gradually expand into carrier…