General Contractor MW Builders’ Strategic Center Names New CEO-Elect – Press Release

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., July 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MMC Corp, the national Strategic Center for general contracting firm MW Builders with $1 billion in revenue, has named Jason Evelyn as CEO-elect. He will assume the role of President and CEO beginning May 1, 2024. The news of this appointment by the MMC Corp Board of Directors directly followed the announcement of current President and CEO Tim Chadwick’s retirement at the end of April 2024. Chadwick will assume a role on the MMC Corp Board of Directors as an independent director beginning thereafter.

Evelyn’s appointment to CEO-elect comes after a disciplined, year-long succession planning process directed by the MMC Corp board aimed at equipping a group of existing leaders to take the company to the next level. Prior to his appointment, Evelyn served as a Chief Operating Officer since 2018 and previously spent 22 years with MW Builders, including seven as its President.

During that time, Evelyn was tasked with the responsibility of merging three distinctly different offices of MW Builders into a single company with a “one-company mindset.” Today, the five offices of MW Builders thrive under the culture and mindset that was established under his leadership.

As the next CEO of MMC Corp, Evelyn will direct the strategic initiatives that will continue to allow the company to achieve growth and success for years to come. He will oversee the many sides of the business, which is comprised of the Strategic Center (MMC Corp) and three Strategic Business Units (SBUs): the General Building Group, the MEP Contracting and Services Group, and the Building Automations Services Group to find growth and success for years to come. These SBUs are comprised of the national construction services brands MW Builders, MMC Contractors, Building Control Services.

As part of the company’s strategic aim to move from being independent companies and brands to organized SBUs that are part of an integrated whole, the MMC Corp Board of Directors…