Germany’s greatest landlord turns down the warmth as Russian energy scarcity bites

Germany's biggest landlord turns down the heat as Russian power shortage bites


Vonovia, which bills itself as the biggest provider of housing in Germany with 1 million tenants, said Thursday it was trying “to save as much gas as possible” to prepare for a deepening energy crisis. The restrictions would apply to 55% of its apartments and continue until further notice, a spokesperson said.

The move illustrates how people in Europe’s largest economy are starting to feel the effects of what the German government has already officially described as a “gas crisis.”

The scale of the energy crunch was underscored Friday by news that one of Germany’s biggest power utilities — Uniper — had asked for a government bailout as a consequence of the “current gas supply restrictions.” And German lawmakers gave their support to plans to reactivate coal-fired power stations to preserve gas.

Two weeks ago, Germany called on consumers to save energy as Russia further reduced its supply of gas to Europe’s biggest economy, as well as to Italy and other members of the European…