Gladys Marcelin And Bonnie Stewart Of NFM Lending Win MBAG Gold Awards

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NFM Lending congratulates Gladys Marcelin and Bonnie Stewart, Georgia Branch Managers, for both receiving the 2016 Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia Gold Award.

The Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia (MBAG) is made up of Georgia mortgage lenders and other mortgage industry professionals. According to their website, “MBAG is dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the mortgage banking correspondent system.” MBAG members are encouraged to be involved in Association activities, to participate in continuing education courses each year, and to uphold MBAG standards of professional ethics.

 The Gold Award program recognizes MBAG members who have met and exceeded these standards. To be considered for the MBAG Gold Award program, members must have closed a minimum of 100 units during the current calendar year, have made the minimum contribution to the Good Government Fund (GGF), MBAG’s PAC, and have completed at least five credits’ worth of continuing education credits.

“This is not just a career or lifestyle for me; this is my passion, my sense of community and how I give back,” said Marcelin. “Everyone has a purpose, it’s based on how good you are at something and how you give back. I use my skills to put people in homes— places they can call their own, from first time home buyers, to dream mansions. It was not always easy for me. I had to face challenges and make sacrifices. However, as I continue to build with my passion in the mortgage industry, I have realized anything that you love to do will be rewarding. That is why I accept the MBAG award wholeheartedly, because it is a reflection of hard work and a reminder to stay humble and keep on going.”

Marcelin and Stewart joined NFM Lending in 2014, and have grown their branches significantly in a short amount of time. Also, both branch managers made NFM Lending’s Elite Club in 2015, which serves as a prestigious club for the top producers of the company.

“It is with great pleasure and honor that I receive this award and recognition,” said Stewart. “It is especially rewarding since I serve a market that is often not considered the most desirable by my peers. I am able to help a large number of families achieve the American Dream of home ownership while earning a good living. This is the best of both worlds to me. I appreciate NFM for being out on the forefront and embracing the various programs that allow me to be of great help to many hardworking and deserving families.”

Marcelin and Stewart will receive their awards at a ceremony at the Georgia Aquarium on Thursday, March 10. Jan Ozga, President, and Greg Sher, Vice President of Business Development, will attend the ceremony.

“Bonnie and Gladys embody all of the superstar attributes a mortgage lender covets in their originators,” said Sher. “They are knowledgeable, dependable, prideful, respectful and caring.  It’s no surprise, given these attributes, that they are being recognized as being best of class in their filed. It’s an honor to work with them every day.”

NFM Lending is proud of Marcelin and Stewart’s achievement, and wishes them continued success.

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