Google and Apple’s subsequent regulatory complications are looming throughout the Pacific

Apple’s commissions, for example, go as high as 30% on some purchases made through the company’s platform — and developers say they have little choice but to comply, since Apple does not allow customers to download apps from any source other than the company’s official store.
New bipartisan Senate bill takes aim at Apple and Google's app store dominance

Legislators have been reviewing an amendment to the Telecommunications Business Act, which would ban app store operators from “unfairly using their market position to force a certain manner of payment” upon businesses. Once enacted, violators could be fined up to 3% of their annual sales, in addition to up to 300 million Korean won ($257,000) in penalties.

The bill was expected to be submitted for voting on Monday, but the parliamentary session was abruptly delayed.

If the law is passed, developers will be able to select which payment systems to use to process in-app purchases, meaning they may be able to bypass hefty charges imposed by the two longtime leaders.

South Korea isn’t the only country in the region…